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Activities of the World Hearing Day
Activities of the World Hearing Day
ctivities of the World Hearing Day
March 3,2017: Activities Hold By Ji
Activities on WHD in Suqian Frist H
Clinic of Hearing Impairent:Tinitus
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Classroom acoustics
Factors affecting the performance o
Contraindications to cochlear impla
Indication for Cochlear Implantatio
  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated in 2005, there were 278 million people (4.6 % of world population) with hearing disability and 364 million people (6 %) with mild hearing impairment. 80 % of them resided in the low or middle income countries. In 2011,WHO...
      The functions of the WHO collaborating centres are manifold, and may include the following:      a.collection, collation and dissemination of information;      b.standardization of terminology and nomenclature, ...
Bu Xingkuan: Chief Physician & Professor
Zhao Xiaonian:Chief Physician
Xing Guangqian: Chief Physician & Associate Chief Professor
Li Xiaolu: Professor
Chen Zhibin: Chief Physician
Wang Dengyuan: Associate Chief Professor
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