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Report of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing 2013
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   Activities of the World Hearing Day (WHD) 2018(3) 2018/3/27
   Activities of the World Hearing Day (WHD) 2018(2) 2018/3/27
   ctivities of the World Hearing Day (WHD) 2018(1) 2018/3/27
   March 3,2017: Activities Hold By Jiangsu Province Hospital & WHO CC of PDH, Nanjing 2017/3/16
   Activities on WHD in Suqian Frist Hospital, Jiangsu Province, China 2017/3/16
   Action For Hearing Loss Make A Sond Investment 2017/3/16
   Prevention Of Hearing Loss, Start From Children 2017/3/16
   March Third: the International and China’s Ear Care Day. 2013/3/1
   China’s National Ear Care Day – March third 2012 2012/3/1
   Raising public awareness on hearing into the kindergarten 2012/3/1
   Noise at subway and public car 2012/3/1
   Guiding Principles for Infant Hearing Screening (IHS) was held in Kathmandu Nepal 2011/4/10
   The Twelfth National "Ear Care Day": "Rehabilitation begin with the detection - to promote newborn hearing screening" 2011/3/6
   WHO Collabrating Center Senior Advisers Visited The Nanjing Center! 2010/11/15
   Shanghai International Otology &Audiology Conference ,11th Hearing International Annual Meeting Was Held! 2010/11/14
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