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Report of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing 2013
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Prevention Of Hearing Loss, Start From Children
Time:2017/3/16  Views:430

  As a part of activities of World Hearing Day & China’s National Ear Care Day, staff in the WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing went to “Qian Jie Rehabilitation Center for Deaf Children” in the afternoon of March 2 in Qi Xia district.
  Dr. Liu Cheng, the secretary of the center, took a lecture titled prevention of hearing loss, start from children. She introduced the importance of early identification, early diagnosis and early intervention of hearing loss in children. She said “Hearing-impaired children are like broken-wings angels; they can't hear wonderful world. However, modern science and technology can make them return to the sound world” . Liu also mentioned the key points of prevention of hearing loss in young people and old population. All of audients (teachers, health workers, parents and local people) were very interested in the seminal.
  In addition, they donated hundreds picture albums and books to children, in order to let those hearing impaired children know more about the world.
  Finally, children in the center performed a wonderful performance that won applause and cheers.


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