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Report of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing 2013
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ctivities of the World Hearing Day (WHD) 2018(1)
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The WHD is also the China’s National Ear Care Day (CNECD), China’s government and people attach great importance to it. Activities were organized at the national level. We kept the theme highly accord with WHD as usual, and focused on “ hear the future... and prepare for it - start from prevention! “ this year.

The joint group, which consisted of 15 government Ministries/Departments (Health and Family Planning Commission, China Disabled Persons‘ Federation, Ministry of Education,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology etc.) led the organization of activities. Over 10 professional bodies (Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Chinese Rehabilitation Society etc.), 100 news media (central and provincial television, newspapers, broadcasts and networks) and 3-WHO CC for PDH in China were the main conducting units. There was estimated that at least 5,000 persons were involved in the conduct of activities in whole China; approximately 200 persons were in Jiangsu province.

Approximately 100 million persons were reached through the activities in China; it lasted one week, from March first to seventh.

Fig.1. Group photo of WHD/CNECD working team of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing China

Fig.2. Group photo of WHD/CNECD working team of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing China

Fig.3.  Yuxin community, Suqian - north part of Jiangsu province.


Fig.4. The WHD/CNECD special program was played by Jiangsu TV station across the country.



Fig.5. Activities were reported in multiple newspapers across the country.

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