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Report of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing 2013
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Activities of the World Hearing Day (WHD) 2018(3)
Time:2018/3/27  Views:212

The WHD is also the China’s National Ear Care Day (CNECD), China’s government and people attach great importance to it. Activities were organized at the national level. We kept the theme highly accord with WHD as usual, and focused on “ hear the future... and prepare for it - start from prevention! “ this year.

We launched and started the program in the Mufushan district health center in Nanjing, held large consulting in Yuxin community health center and Wanguanji village health center in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. In addition, WHD activities were not only in China, but also extended to Unguja island, a rural area in Zanzibar by the Chinese medical team working in Tanzania Africa.

Fig.1. Group photo of WHD/CNECD working team of WHOCC for PDH in Nanjing China

Fig.2. Distributing WHD flyer and anti-noise earplugs to people.

Fig.3. The program of integrating the PEHC into the PHC was launched and started in communities.

Fig.4. Consulting in the the Mufushan district, Nanjing

Fig.5. Consulting in the the Yuxin community, Suqian - north part of Jiangsu province.

Fig.6. WHD activities were extended to the rural area in Zanzibar Africa by the Chinese medical team.


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